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With so many collagen products in the market claiming to be good for you, it's hard to decide which product actually works. This is why we had professionals and experts here to give their approval and to share their experiences with SBook® ! They were once our customers just like you, but eventually became our SBook® ambassadors after loving the product. With real and proven testimonials, we want you to take SBook® with confidence!



ERYT500 Certified Yoga Trainer; Active Mind-Body Therapist; and Spinal Manual Therapist 

James Wong

" I'm always busy with yoga training and having to travel around the region. With SBook®, it helps to neutralised free radical damage from work stress and also to boost back my collagen. I found that SBook® is a powerful and effective collagen drink as it contains nutrients that our body needed to make us become younger and healthier. Additionally, after taking SBook® for 12 days, my dark eye circles have reduced by 50%! It is a very good product. "

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Co-Founder of 
Synergy Dental Clinic

Nicole Yow

" They said, "dessert is a happiness booster". Unfortunately, "dessert is a collagen lost booster" as well as it contains extremely high level of sugar. Apart from that, I'm in my forties and I'm very much worried about my skin such as pigmentations, saggy skins, etc. I felt very lucky that I found SBook®, the best collagen ever that solve all my problems. I was able to witnessed the results in just 12 days. I have made the best decision in my life - in investing myself to become healthier and prettier. You should give it a try and let's get pretty together. "

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USA Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Teacher

Cherry lo


" SBook® revived my dull skin. It makes my skin brighter and glow naturally. Surprisingly, dark pigments on my cheeks have lightened and reduced up to 80% after just 1 month complete treatment with SBook® collagen. Skin became more even in tone and giving me a rosy, smooth skin. It's much more firmer and brighter now to the point that even my friends around me start noticing the differences happening on my skin.  "



Professional Model



" Before my photoshoot, I need to take not only 1, but 2 SBook® Collagen. Because I have a very dry skin and usually I get a lot of inflammations because of the hot weather. With SBook®, it helps to rehydrate my skin and giving me the glowing and brightening results on my face. It has no sugars and it doesn't stink even though it has fish collagen in it. How amazing is that! Everyone should take it once a day, for the rest of their life! " 

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